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Application Procedure

1. Submit the application package to the Overseases Admissions Office.

2. The office will check the completeness of the application, and will notify the candidate of the date of the test and the interview. 

3. The office will notify the candidate of the admission status: accept, reject or under consideration. The best candidates are accepted early and the decisions are made within 4 weeks.

4. The accepted candidate will receive the certificate of enrollment and the contract to sign.

5. The accepted candidates are required to mail the signed contract back and a deposit of $1000 not later than 4 weeks after receiving the contract.

6. The deposit will be returned to the candidate before December 1 st of the first academic year. However, if the candidate does not start the study, the deposit will not be refunded.

7. The candidate is required to pay admission fee of 2000 PLN and 1000 PLN orientation week fee before August 15, 

8. Tuition has to be paid not later than by November 15th, (act promptly to get financial aid).


For more detailed information and application forms please contact the  Admission Office.

Please note: incomplete applications will not be processed!

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